How to submit pictures

Many people would love to see the pictures they found entered in the Babe-test. Sure! We'd love to add your favorite pictures. We're just a bit picky in what we take from people, so to maximize the chances of us adding your pictures, try to follow the hints below. Actually, these are the rules we ourselves use to make pictures.

Selecting a picture

Be sure to select a high quality picture. You can scan it yourself, or you can get it from your database of pictures, whatever you like. Here are a few points you should think of.


Make sure the model is facing the camera.

There's nothing to recognize about people looking away from the camera. Maybe you can recognize the model this way, but other people are probably not that fortunate.


The best recognizable pictures are upright.

If the model is not upright, try to rotate the image until she is upright. With the little clips you will hardly notice the wrongnesses like `flying' hair etcetera. I bet you didn't even notice that the model here was originally upright before I turned her feet upwards.


Make sure the image isn't too dark.

You can get one of our images and compare it with your image. Many programs allow you to adjust the contrast and the color balance of a picture.


The clip should be 120x145 pixels.

It should for the most part contain the face, you will find that the small size makes it virtually impossible to put much more in the image without losing a lot of detail. Make sure the face is more or less exactly in the middle of the clip, it will look better.


Keep the clips decent.

Make sure the occasional nipple doesn't come into the clip. Explicit clips will not be added to our database. Of course we are perverted enough to check out those images, but we will not be tempted to make the images visible to the world.


Write down the name

Without the name of the model your clip is useless to us. Save the clip as jpg image, preferably use the name of the model as filename.

Submitting your clips

Okay. Now you have a (set of) image clips that you will want to send to us. There are two ways to do this.

Submitting by WWW

This is the easiest thing for us, but unfortunately not all of you can use this method. Here is what you should do: That is all. Of course you can be more creative and put everything in one big .zip, .tar.gz or whatever archive file. If you can put things on your own ftp site, that would be swell as well.

Submitting by mail

If you don't have the luxury of having access to a WWW server where you can put your own stuff, no fear. Sending mail will work just as well, you just have to know how. If you don't have the tools to edit the picture like described above, you can still submit whole pictures to us like you would submit clips. Since it will require some effort on our side to create the clip, it could take quite some time before the clip is added to the database.

Thank you!

The test has been growing steadily thanks to your submissions. We would like to thank the following people for their support:

(in alphabetical order)

If you don't want to be named in this list, say so in your mail and we will not mention you.

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