What's up with all these problems?

What has been changed lately?

What were the results?

These changes caused a lot of trouble and quite some people asked us why their favorite test isn't working anymore. The reactions came from three different kinds of babe-testers:
  1. Mac users with Netscape 1.1
    These users had problems with the change to two columns. The new beta version from Netscape doesn't have problems with the current lay-out but suffers from the problems as sketched at 3. For Mac users with the (old) 1.1 version we still have the original setup available for you.

  2. Proxy users or users behind firewalls
    The moment we had our cache daemon running we got complaints from users using a proxy server or who are behind a firewall. Experts are busy working on it and a fix should be expexted soon.

  3. People using Netscape Navigator 2.0 beta
    It appears that the latest Netscape release submits it's data to our WWW server in a different way than the previous versions did. Our cache daemon doesn't know how to handle it and reacts with a ``you scored 0 out of 0 babes''... Once again: the experts are working on it and a fix is expected soon.

What is a cache daemon and why do we use it?

A cache daemon handles all the requests meant for the http server (the WWW server). The clever part about the cache daemon is that it holds the most popular items in memory (caching). As the babe-test is very popular the cache daemon holds all the pictures in the test in memory and doesn't have to get them from the harddisk over and over again.

This increases our throughput dramatically and it holds down the load of the WWW server (which died over and over due to the popularity of the test).

We hope you understand that we use the cache daemon. We also hope to see the fix to the cache daemon very soon, so that all you proxy- and firewall-surfers out there can finally get back to where it's all about: testing!!!.

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